7 Steps of our Network Cabling Services


In this helpful guide that we have created for our current and future customers, it will outline the 7 essential steps in getting a network cabling project completed with us. We’ve simplified the process so it is clear on how a network cabling project starts and finishes, and what happens afterwards.

This guide applies to all types of facilities and businesses that we service. From brand new tilt up construction that requires a network cabling contractor/designer from start to finish, to an already operating facility that is growing and requires additional data drops.

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Bluewire’s 7 Step Guide to a Successful Network Cabling Project

STEP 1. Book Your Free On-site Assessment

The first step to getting your network cabling project started is getting in contact with us, either by a phone call, email, or through our online form. Setting up your free on-site assessment is the first step in getting your project off the ground. A typical on-site assessment takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on the scope of the project and size of the facility.

Our network cabling technicians will arrive on-site at a scheduled time with safety gear (hard hat, hi-visibility vest, steel toe boots, safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection – on an if needed basis), and follow all site health and safety protocols. Bluewire employees follow all Covid-19 health and safety protocols set out by the BCCDC and Government of Canada.

The site walk is a chance where the customer can visually show our network cabling technicians where they would like their data to be and where existing telecom rooms are. This gives our technicians a chance to spot out any existing infrastructure that can be used or if new infrastructure is needed for the cable installation.

The on-site assessment is incredibly valuable because it allows our trained network cabling technicians to see any problems that may hinder the project, as well as gather information on the facility on creating an efficient cable installation plan.


STEP 2. Receive a FREE and Competitive Quote

Following the free on-site assessment, our estimating team will use all the information gathered to provide a detailed and accurate quote. Depending on the scale of the work needed, it may take 1-2 business days for a quote to be sent out. The team works diligently with our network cabling suppliers to offer the best price on materials on your quote and aim for a fair and competitive quote.

The on-site analysis also provides us with enough data generally that we can get an accurate labour time and any facility down needed during the network cabling installation. We try our hardest to prevent any downtime in any of our customer’s facilities, but sometimes it is necessary to do so.

For additional data drops, there is usually no downtime of your network needed. Downtime are usually for larger scaled projects that require a cut over from an old system to the new one being installed, but is not limited to that.


Calender Vector


STEP 3. Schedule Network Cabling Installation

Upon the approval of the quote and signing of the service contract, a start date can be determined. The scheduled start date is based off the optimal time for your facility to have our network cabling technicians to begin work.

The optimal time may be based off of all or some of the following; other contracting work needed before hand, facility scheduled downtime, parts/material delivery status, lift equipment rental, and our availability.

Setting up an optimal installation timeframe results in an efficient and shorter install, along with a continuous flow of work form beginning to end without long stoppages due to waiting for parts/materials or other trades to be completed before hand.


STEP 4. Network Cabling Installation

This is the meat and potatoes of the project, from all the planning and scheduling in the previous steps, we execute here. We have a more in depth overview of Bluewire’s network cabling installation process here, check it out to learn more on our installations.

A simplified overview of our network cabling installations consists of; pathway creation, cable pulling, end-to-end labeling, end-to-end terminations, and end-to-end testing.

Bluewire’s 8 step cabling installation guide.


7 Step Guide to a successful network cabling project


STEP 5. Test Results Report & Warranty

After the completed installation of your new network cabling, every cable that we install is tested to North American ANSI/TIA standards. A detailed test results report is sent to the network cabling manufacturer for warranty certification on the cables operating properly and installed to the correct standards.

All of your Bluewire installed network cabling is under a 25 year manufacturer warranty and we provide you with the same report that is sent into the manufacturer after our completion of the project. Bluewire technicians are all trained and certified Panduit installers.


STEP 6. Clean Up

This is an important step, and we decided to include it in our guide to a successful cabling project because leaving a site the way we found it is important. We believe that when Bluewire completes a project no matter how big or small, we leave it with the customer in awe looking at are spectacular network cabling work and not the mess that is made during the installation.

We take pride in our quality of workmanship and we believe it shows with the final product that we hand off to our clients, and we do not want to hand off the cleaning responsibilities to the customer. We also remove and recycle all copper cabling scrap responsibly.


Recycling bin for copper cabling scrap from site


STEP 7. Post Network Cabling Project Support

You are not alone after the installation, large or small project. We assure you that every cable is live and is in working order before we call a network cabling project complete. Every Bluewire network cable is under warranty with the manufacturer, that means as the installers, we can provide the certified maintenance and troubleshooting for our cables if a problem is to occur.

So give us a call first on your Bluewire installed network cabling, as well as the cables not installed by us. We can provide annual maintenance agreements, and have a service/maintenance department that can help with your network cabling issues.


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