Commercial Structured Cabling in Vancouver

Bluewire provides commercial structured cabling in Vancouver because we live in a technology driven world now, and the commercial space is no different.

It may be even more dependent on technology than anything else. Technology not only make things easier and efficient in the workplace, but it is also the key element in pushing your business in front of your competitors.

Being in tune with technology for any business, allows your business to not only have presence in your physical brick and mortar space, but as well as your digital space and presence.

What is technology without proper commercial structured cabling that allows for all your devices to be connected to highspeed data? Bluewire is a commercial structured cabling company in Vancouver, that specializes in solving cabling infrastructure problems.

Bluewire can design, install, add, remove, relocate, troubleshoot, and manage your structured cabling system. Bluewire’s goal is to get your business connected to the world as soon as possible, and erase your worries on a slow, underperforming network.


Commercial Structured Cabling in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is the hub for many businesses that rely on reliable data infrastructures. Not every business is lucky enough to build a new building in the downtown core and install a new structured cabling system in it. Bluewire is experienced in assessing current infrastructures and implementing newer more efficient systems.

Whether you are taking over an office building and have no idea if any or all the current structured cables work, Bluewire can troubleshoot and trace back lines.

As well as creating and installing a brand-new data cabling system with faster Cat6/Cat6A cable. Bluewire has the capabilities to provide any kind of service you need in connecting to the world on highspeed commercial structured cabling in Vancouver.


Vancouver Structured Cabling Services

We are structured cabling specialists, specializing in high performance cabling systems that can meet and exceed today’s needs for active and engaged network systems.

Bluewire specializes in commercial structured cabling in Vancouver and our belief is building innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs for today with room to grow in the future. Bluewire is proud of our client care and quality of workmanship in every job. All our cable runs are dressed, terminated, and labelled.

Ask us about our premium cabling that comes with a limited 25-year manufacture’s warranty. Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that should be ready for today’s and the future’s hardware requirements. Bluewire applies this belief to all our projects.

When we assess a current infrastructure, we will bring attention to outdated equipment that is either cluttering or bottlenecking your system. For new builds of cabling infrastructures, we have the growth of your business in the forefront of our design plans.

This means that in a Bluewire designed and installed cabling system, they are capable of additional cable runs while keeping costs minimal because of the planning of extra conduits, larger cable trays, and other equipment in the initial construction.


Structured Cabling Projects We’ve Completed in Vancouver

Bluewire has a wide-ranging portfolio of projects completed in Vancouver. Complete server room refreshes have been done; that entailed all brand-new cables being installed, dressed, and managed through existing equipment and racks. With complete removal of all old cables and equipment.

Bluewire often services offices with additional structured cabling drops being added every few months for additional workstations, due to growth of the business. Bluewire also works with general contractors for renovations of buildings.

Often when telecommunication racks and equipment need to be relocated to better suit the needs of a new business.

Bluewire is not limited to just renovations with general contractors as we work together on new tilt-up construction as well. Where we can share our experience in creating a well-designed structured cabling system from the ground up.

In these projects we can fully put the Bluewire stamp on it, as we can be part of the planning process down to the specific optimal spot where data outlets are to be installed for each planned workstation. As you can see, we work on all projects from small to large, and bring our enthusiasm and experience to each project.