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Redline Plan™ by Bluewire Network Consulting Services

You have a blueprint. We have 20 years of experience in network design, consultation and installation. Let’s combine that and create an installation plan to suit your needs; whether it’s right now, for as-builts at the end of a project, or for future planning and manufacturer warranties.

Know where all your cables are going to and coming from, reduce time to troubleshoot, tone and trace – ultimately saving you time and money.

Your project depends on coordinating all the moving parts so they align for success. Take control of your cabling network, utilize our knowledge and experience and with a Redline Plan™ by Bluewire today!

Get Organized with a Redline Plan™




We plot all cable drops with care and use wire-type sequential labeling system to indicate where the line comes from, to make sure you stay organized. Your Redline Plan™ by Bluewire is then digitally sent to you ready to use by any certified vendor. There are no obligations to use Bluewire as your preferred installations contractor. Try our network consulting services by clicking the button below.
Your Proposal

If you’re looking to obtain bids from local electrical or telecommunications installers, you have the advantage with a Redline Plan™ by Bluewire. No need to repeat job details with each vendor as it’s already laid out in your Redline Plan™. Your tendering process just got a whole lot easier. Simply send out any additional scopes of work you may require along with your Redline Plan™ to as many companies as you wish. Then sit back and wait for them to get back to you. Since all the vendors would use the same Redline Plan™, the results should be easily comparable, making it easy to choose the right contractor for your project.

With your Redline Plan™, your installations specialist can easily determine the types of cables best suited for the job and the labels required for each location. This leads to an efficient, organized installation and reduced troubleshooting or cable tracing in any future alterations. Even through switching contractors mid or post-project, your Redline Plan™ can be easily referenced.

This service makes it easier to obtain multiple bids, and ensures they are identical when received. We argue that proper data plans marked up by Bluewire could end up saving you and your business many thousands of dollars.

Redline Plan™ Better Efficient Faster Installations




At Bluewire we believe there is no substitute for good record keeping during a project. All changes onsite must be recorded in detail for the overall success of the job. Redline Plan™ by Bluewire aims to assist in the design of low-voltage system wiring plans that can be installed efficiently, with little to no changes required. Get started on your data plans today by clicking the button below.
Your Project

Every project is unique with in its requirements and pair that with the specifications of an architectural firm, things can get confusing and hard to understand quickly. Our team of cabling consultants has over 25-years of industry experience and are here to help you stay on top of it all. We carefully analyze your drawings, taking time to review all the specification notes. We then approximate and plot wire pathways along logical lines following Bluewire installation, and best practice standards for structured cabling. Learn more about Bluewire standards that we apply to all our consulting services and installations.

We cannot be emphasized enough the importance of good documentation. At Bluewire we focus on what we know, low-voltage systems, and that includes structured cabling, fibre optic, audio visual, security and surveillance systems (to name a few). These systems all run on multiple cable drop locations, often in numbers that are far more significant and complex than other trades. Due to the sheer volume of cables, it is recommended to keep precise records as well as have a strategy pre-installation– cue Redline Plan™ by Bluewire.

Our consulting services help you accurately plan out your build by marking-up your site plans (blueprints). These construction-prints become an installation guide for contractors and a reference document for your information technology (IT) personnel in the future. This is particularly useful for large installation facilities like municipalities, schools, and hospitals, where a good set of data plans will change the outcome of the project. Detailed record keeping can reduce down-time and overall costs. No project is too big or too small for a Redline Plan™, as there is no replacement for a professional installation plan.

Redline Plan™ by Bluewire are the control sequence of how a project is implemented, this is the first step to a successful build at your facility.

Get a Redline Plan™ and Save Money



Your blueprints become your structured cabling data plans with Redline Plan™ by Bluewire. The first step is filling out the form below. We’ll need to know some brief details about your project. The information provided will be used to give you an estimated cost. We will then ask for a copy of your construction drawings. Begin by clicking the button below, so we can get to work for you!
Your Plan

Our consulting process carefully follows our structured wiring installation process. Much like our network cabling, our plans are neat, orderly, precise and easy to follow.

All Redline Plan™ projects receive the same care and attention to detail that our clients are familiar with. You can expect each cable drop location to be labelled with a wire tag. This marker should be used by your installer in the field, all cable labels should match location markers upon the final handover. Should there be any moves, adds or changes (MACs) you can contact us to revise your plans for a nominal fee.

In addition to wire labels, we use predictive technology to plot an approximate cable path for your installer. Keep in mind this is an estimated location and may vary greatly upon installation due to construction constraints, other trades, or contractor cabling preference and practices. We will also outline important notes on your blueprints so that your contractor will give them extra scrutiny. The installers should carefully review all the details of your plans prior to submitting their bid to you or beginning work on site. Our data plans are a guide and should be followed as such. We do not take responsibility for all site details as we can only draw attention to what we consider important information with the provided blueprints.

Each set of construction drawings are unique and require a different time commitment. We try our best to have your plans ready in 5-7 business days. Simply follow the form below, you’ll need to know how many cable drops you have before you begin. We will get to work making sure your request is filled in the order it was received. By request, we can also print plans or create wire wraps for you, standard shipping charges and delivery times apply.

For more information about our consulting services please check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below.


Structured Cabling Consulting Services Vancouver

Redline Plan™ by Bluewire is a consulting services and construction plan design company specializing in low voltage wiring diagrams. Specifically, marking-up or “redlining” for use in the field by contractors/installers/integrators and eventually using those  data plans for AsBuilts to submit to 25-year structured cabling warranty programs (ie. offered by; Panduit, Belden, CommScope, Wirewerks etc.).

Clients can send their digitally marked-up Redline Plan™ by Bluewire to contractors to obtain accurate and consistent pricing with little error as all cabling locations are precisely plotted out and marked with a wire label. It should be noted here that the installation contractor should follow the wiring diagram explicitly, including labelling all cables, outlets etc., as indicated in plans to obtain the desired results.

Redline Plan™ by Bluewire consulting services develop wiring strategies by taking your engineered blueprints and suggesting pathways and wire markers so that installers in the field have an easy-to-follow plan. This is not a take off service.

At Bluewire we provide a variety of services ranging from structured cabling, fibre optics, surveillance, access control, audio/video and consulting services. We are proud to work on cabling projects of all sizes helping facilitate successful builds from just about anywhere.


General Information

We are primarily an installation plan labelling and network wiring consultation service. We mark-up your blueprints so that installers in the field have an actionable plan and end clients have a reliable reference for the future.

We can mark-up all types of plans, from residential to commercial, from industrial to retail spaces. Our team of experts does it all!

Our plans meet or exceed most warranty programs for as-builts, however as a policy we advise you check with your preferred manufacturer first to see if they will work for you.

Absolutely! We would be more than happy to help you out with that. Our network consulting services still apply to those who have existing infrastructure in place. Our technicians can come to your site and map out whats been done. Minimum hourly service rates and travel costs apply.

We work with anyone with a set of blueprints, from the end client to the contractor. Contact Us us today for help on your next project!

No, this is not a take-off service. We are a mark-up labelling service for low voltage wiring. If you’d like to work with us to do take-offs on upcoming low-voltage projects, please Contact Us for more information on what we can do for you!

We save you money – There is no substitute for good record keeping during a project. All changes onsite must be recorded in detail for the overall success of the job. We aim to assist in the design of low-voltage system plans that can be installed flawlessly, with little to no changes required. At the end of the day, good plans vastly limit the need for future troubleshooting and service calls.

Primarily we work within the following low-voltage cabling categories:

Structured cabling – voice, data, and fibre optic systems – learn more about structured cabling on Wikipedia.

Security wiring – camera, access control, and alarm systems.

Additional low-voltage wiring mark-ups and consulting services upon request.

Primarily, yes. However, each set of plans is assessed prior to any mark-ups being completed. If it fits our model, we will contact you letting you know that we’ve began work on your project.

Our consulting services team can come to your jobsite upon request. A clearly defined scope of work (SOW) is required for this service. Should you need us to check up on your contractor and report back please let us know and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Minimum hourly service rates and travel costs apply.

Redlines:  are original drawings that have been “red-lined” or marked-up to reflect the changes that have been made during the construction/installation process.

As-builts: are a representation of a building or space as it has been or was actually constructed.

Based on the above definitions of Redlines vs As-Builts. You can see that Redlines are more of a working set of plans and not the finished product. To capture changes as they happen during a project, drawings are “red-lined” sometimes in red (or whatever’s handy). These mark-ups reflect what is actually installed onsite – learn more about architectural drawings on Wikipedia.

That does not mean that a proper set of Redlines cannot be an As-built. In fact, it is recommended to mark-up drawings as accurately as possible so that final As-built submission is an efficient process with as little changes required as possible. Redline Plan™ by Bluewire are the control sequence of how a project is implemented, this is the first step to a successful build.

You can reach out to our customer support team at the following email:

Redline Plan™ by Bluewire are not architectural blueprints or a blueprint design service. Bluewire consulting services are an installation plan organization system that can be added on top of your existing architectural plans. We help facilitate successful installations by labelling each of your cabling drops with a proper final wire tag. We also highlight important information, mark out the telecommunications spaces clearly and use predictive pathway technology to determine optimal cable routes.

Reach out to us through our Contact Us form we are happy to help with any questions you may have.

Orders & Payments

Our process is easy and we are here to help you along the way. To start please fill out the contact form above. After your information is received by our staff we will contact you for more information about your project.

Yes! Please go to your email and reply to the confirmation email you received. A representative will reply to you within 24 hours.

5-7 business days on standard orders, however if your data plans are more complex, we might take some additional time to get them to you. Rest assured we will deliver your plans as fast as possible!

Pricing varies from project to project based on number of wire drops, locations and number of pages we need to review. We will provide you with an estimated cost based on the information you provide us. The minimum cost (before taxes) for this service is $215.00 CAD.

You will need a copy of your most recent up to date electrical floor plans in PDF file format. If you do not have electrical blueprints, and need us to fully design your data system, we will ask that you provide us with any set of furniture layouts or blueprints. We will then have a discussion on your structured cabling needs and formulate a strategy and provide you with a successful installation plan.

Once your plans are in our hands, we will contact you with any questions we may have. Other than that, we will take care of everything from that point.

We only accept credit card payments at this time. A payment link will be provided and must be paid in full before our network cabling consultants will mark up your plans.

Not a problem, we are happy to correct any missed cabling locations. Please contact us as soon as possible with information on the omitted drops.

We accept PDF files only.

Network Consulting Services Vancouver: Redline Plan™

Our network consultants are ready to get to work on your engineered drawings. We assess the size and scale of your project and meticulously label each cable location with a wire wrap label marker. For new builds we plan out cabling pathways using our predictive pathway technology.  For existing and undocumented infrastructure, we can come to your site to trace out and map all your cabling into a concise easy to follow plan.

With over 25-years of design and installation experience, specializing in high performance cabling systems that meet and exceed today’s needs for active and engaged network systems. Bluewire can work on projects of all sizes. Try our consulting services today!

Our Cabling Consulting Services: The Planning Process

This is a simple process with exceptional results for you and your business. The benefits of a Redline Plan™ by Bluewire far out weight the costs. With our mark-ups you are planning for the future of your company or project. Good documentation starts with submitting your PDF electrical plans to our consulting services department. Please indicate how many total cables you will have installed as per your engineered drawings. With that in hand we get to work plotting out every single cable drop at their indicated locations. Our wire markers are then used by your installers – feel free to contact us for a free quote on the installation of your project – there are no obligations to use Bluewire are your preferred contractor. Get a Quote For Structured Cabling Services

Network Consulting Services: Testimonials

“Our organization recently moved to a new office location and utilized Bluewire Media Solutions Ltd. to perform all
our IT infrastructure’s cable, pre-wiring and server room rack installations.”

“Bluewire leveraged their significant expertise and knowledge on our complex project.
Bluewire exceeded all expectations with the project and installation provided to our company.”

“Bluewire’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic team, did a terrific job and completed the installation in a friendly, professional, and timely manner to the highest standards. All cabling was individually tested, neatly dressed and labeled for easy maintenance and future scalability. Bluewire even went above and beyond the call of duty assisting me with difficulties that arose due to other service providers through the course of the project that were unrelated to their services. This was very much appreciated.”

“We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the installation and the service level that the Bluewire team have provided.
On behalf of our company we highly recommend Bluewire for any potential future jobs.”

“Thank you to Bluewire’s commitment to excellence and delivering a superb job.”

Our Wiring Consulting Team

We provide industry leading structured cabling (What Is Structured Cabling?)installations that provide reliability and functionality to support your IT network. Our experienced consulting-services technicians design and install a custom network infrastructure to suit your current and future networking needs while meeting all industry standards.

Vancouver’s Best Network Plan Service and Consultants

Connecting to the Internet or to a local Intranet is essential to any business office. We offer a full suite of services for local-area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN). We can install a new network or make changes to an existing one. We work closely and personally with our clients to provide the best solution custom tailored to their needs. Don’t need an installation, no problems try our consulting services today!

Professional Consulting Services Specialized in:

Copper cable installations
Fiber optic cable installations
Wireless (WIFI) access point installations
Horizontal distribution systems
Backbone distribution systems
Telecom entrance facilities and termination
Data center build-outs
Relay rack & server cabinet installations
Cable trays & ladder racks
Cable management systems
Move, add or change (mac) cabling
Service calls
New construction
Telecom rooms
Cable removal
Industry standards
Local and national codes
Project planning & consultation

Better Consulting Services for Small Business, Medium Companies, Offices and Tilt Up Construction Warehouse Spaces

At Bluewire we service projects of all sizes. Our specialty is small to medium sized office spaces and tilt up warehouse spaces. Whether its a retail store, clinic, distribution center, industrial production facility or large scale office spanning multiple telecommunications rooms, we install your data network cabling right!

Network Plan Consulting Services Vancouver and Low Voltage Documentation Provided for:

Fiber cabling systems
Wireless networks
Racks & cabinets
Commercial cabling
As-built & project closeout

Vancouver Data Cable Plan Consulting

We test our data, voice and structured cabling systems to ensure that your network is up to speed!

Based in Vancouver, Canada, and Servicing the Following Locations:

Maple Ridge
New Westminster
North Vancouver
Pitt Meadows
Port Coquitlam
Port Moody
West Vancouver
White Rock

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Professional Network Consulting Services

Providing professional installations plans for structured cabling and network wiring systems. Bluewire consulting services are the first step to a successful build at your facility.

Service Type: Structured Cabling Consultants, Wire Plan Consulting, Labelling Blueprints, Onsite Wire Mapping and Consultation

Price: Varies on size and scope of project

Currency: CAD

Positive: Professionalism Sort of the go-to structured cabling / fibre optic installation company in town.

thumb Josh Loewen

Positive: Professionalism Responsive and great service! They have done a number of jobs for us and its always been a great experience.

thumb Jesse Kneblik

Initially wasn’t sure due to being a small company. But I was given a really fair price and felt he treated me and my request with respect. Took my considerations… read more

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