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Bluewire provides advanced fibre optic installations that deliver high performance, reliability and scalability. This is essential for transmitting information over longer distances with today’s increased data needs. Ensure that you’re up to speed! Learn more about fibre optics.

All our cable runs are dressed, terminated and labelled. We take pride in our quality of workmanship and our client care. We recommend using our premium cabling which comes with a limited 25-year manufacture’s warranty.

Your fibre optic project depends on coordinating all the moving parts so they align for success. Take control of your fibre optic installations network, utilize our knowledge and experience with our consulting services and get Redline Plan™ by Bluewire today!

Our recommended brands include Panduit, Wirewerks and Corning.

About Our Fibre Optic Installations Services

Fibre optic is the use of light to transmit signals in a glass cable. This advancement in technology has opened the door to much faster speeds and higher bandwidths. Those are not the only advantages of fibre optics; the light signal can travel further and will not be interfered by electromagnetics like copper wiring.

Fibre optics can also withstand wet environments while maintenance of them are minimal. Bluewire has the experience of installing fibre optics and adheres to the proper standards of running and mounting fibre optic lines. Bluewire also completes all our own fusion splices and fully tests their fibre optic runs and splices.

Our Fibre Optic Installations Services: The Process

We assess the current fibre optic installations (if available) and determine the proper type of fibre cable to be used. As well as any further precautions or material is needed for the protection of the fibre cable. A clear pathway is designed that adheres to the specifications of the type of fibre cable used. The fibre is then pulled, fusion spliced, labelled and housed in enclosures to protect each strand of fibre from damage. They are then tested and certified operational.

Fibre Optic Installations Services : Testimonials

“The Bluewire team spent endless hours day after day in dark dust-filled rooms pulling, organizing, and terminating all our cables. Due to the timing of the facility move, and the need to have a very short downtime during transition, they had to complete the vast majority of their work while the renovations were underway. They worked seamlessly with the design and construction crews and were in and out constantly over that 3-month period.

Plans changed many times throughout the entire process and Bluewire never had any issue altering cable trunks or redirecting them around new paths as room positions slightly changed. In the production area, various large machines had to be brought in at various times over that transition period. This meant that Bluewire could not just start at one side and work their way across the factory. They had no issues jumping from side to side to accommodate as needed.

After the project was complete, we had nearly 1000 network drops, including fibre optic runs, all terminated in two datacenters, spanning two floors of our new facility, all tested and working when we needed them. We even had to add additional cabling after completion due to some changes in the office space.

If asked to do this project again, I would not hesitate to call the Bluewire team immediately. Great to work with them.”

Our Fibre Optic Installations Technicians

Our technicians are all certified and trained to the Bluewire standard of operating and conduct in performing fibre optic installations. Technicians are trained to treat any size job the same, with professionalism and care. Technicians adhere to all safety protocols and inspection codes to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the worksite. They are proud employees of a fibre optic installations company that work on continued education of new technology and advancements. As of the Covid-19 pandemic; all technicians are screened daily, wear facemasks, carry hand sanitizer, and socially distance.

We provide industry leading structured cabling installations that provide reliability and functionality to support your IT network. Our experienced field technicians and Project Managers plan, design and install a custom network infrastructure to suit your current and future networking needs while meeting all industry standards. You will also receive post-installation maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrade to your system as needed. Our services include CAT5e & CAT6 cable installations, coaxial cable Installations and fiber optic (OS2, OM3, OM4) cable installations.

Vancouver’s Best Fibre Optic Networks

As opposed to most types of cable, fiber-optic cable uses light instead of electricity to transmit signals. Obviously, light is the fastest method of transmitting information, but fiber-optic cable has the additional advantage of not being subject to electrical interference. Thus, you can run it just about anywhere. Since light meets very little resistance, you can run fiber-optic cable over very long distances without having to boost or clean the signal.

Professional Data, Voice & Fibre Optic Contractors Specialized in:

Copper cable installations
Fiber optic cable installations
Wireless (WIFI) access point installations
Horizontal distribution systems
Backbone distribution systems
Telecom entrance facilities and termination
Data center build-outs
Relay rack & server cabinet installations
Cable trays & ladder racks
Cable management systems
Move, add or change (mac) cabling
Service calls
New construction
Tenant improvements (TI)
Telecom rooms
Cable removal
Industry standards
Local and national codes
Project management & consultation

Better Data Network Cabling for Small Business, Medium Companies, Offices and Tilt Up Construction Warehouse Spaces

At Bluewire we service projects of all sizes. Our specialty is small to medium sized office spaces and tilt up warehouse spaces. Whether its a retail store, clinic, distribution center, industrial production facility or large scale office spanning multiple telecommunications rooms, we install your data network cabling right!

Have a blueprint? – Get your Redline Plan™

Data Cabling Vancouver and Low Voltage Documentation Provided for:

Fiber cabling systems
Wireless networks
Racks & cabinets
Commercial cabling
As-built & project closeout

Vancouver Network Cable Installations, Testing and Certification

We test our fibre optic cabling systems to ensure that your network is up to speed!

Based in Vancouver, Canada, and Servicing the Following Locations:

Maple Ridge
New Westminster
North Vancouver
Pitt Meadows
Port Coquitlam
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West Vancouver
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