Structured Cabling Contractors

Structured Cabling Contractors: Our Services

We are structured cabling contractors, specializing in high performance cabling systems that can meet and exceed today’s needs for active and engaged network systems. We believe in building innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs for today with room to grow in the future. We are proud of our client care and quality of workmanship. All our cable runs are dressed, terminated, and labelled. Ask us about our premium cabling that comes with a limited 25-year manufacture’s warranty. Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that should be ready for today’s and the future’s hardware requirements.

Bluewire applies this belief to all our projects. When we assess a current infrastructure, we will bring attention to outdated equipment that is either cluttering or bottlenecking your system. For new builds of cabling infrastructures, we have the growth of your business in the forefront of our design plans. This means that in a Bluewire designed and installed cabling system, they are capable of additional cable runs while keeping costs minimal because of the planning of extra conduits, larger cable trays, and other equipment in the initial construction.

Experienced Structured Cabling Contractors

Established in 2012, Bluewire is proudly 100% Canadian owned company serving the lower mainland of British Columbia. Bluewire has become a premier experienced structured cabling contractor in Vancouver, with a wealth of experience to draw from. Bluewire specializes in structured cabling, no matter if its a brand-new tilt-up construction thats 40,000 square feet or additional drops in a medical laboratory for crucial equipment; we have done it. We love to take on new challenging projects that others may stay away from.

We believe this is the only way to add to our experience in structured cabling and become the best in the field. Our technicians are all certified and trained to the Bluewire standard of operating and conduct. Technicians are trained to treat any size job the same, with professionalism and care. Technicians adhere to all safety protocols and inspection codes to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the worksite.


Commercial Structured Cabling Contractors

Bluewire have built great relationships with many of Vancouver’s general contractors that contract out large industrial and commercial data projects. We have exceeded all their expectations and have worked seamlessly with their schedules and other trades. We are creative in the design of a structured cabling system for any infrastructure and adheres to all inspections and codes, while incorporating the ideas of the client. Bluewire continues to work with many electrical companies as we have become their go to structured cabling contractors that they can depend and trust to do the job right. Also, making it easy to work with because of our long-standing relationships with many of these contractors.

Being commercial structured cabling contractors, we also work with a lot of IT managers and property managers in facilities in refresh or upgrade projects. Bluewire also provides maintenance services that include, single data drops to trouble shooting with our array of tools


How to Choose a Structured Cabling Contractor

When choosing a structured cabling contractor, you should look for one that has experience in a wide variety of projects in their portfolio. Bluewire has done it all, from large newly built multi level projects with several telecom points to small offices with existing wiring asking for additional drops. Also, Bluewire works closely with electricians on designing the best pathways for all your equipment and cables. Another important aspect in choosing a structured cabling contractor is the quality of workmanship. Bluewire prides themselves in consistency, quality, and adhering to the ANSI/TIA standards. Bluewire test, certifies, and warrantees every cable that they install.